B2B Travel Solutions

Etraviax is a top B2B travel solutions provider. We can take your travel business to the next level with our advanced booking engine.

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B2B Travel Portal Website Development

Make Your Travel Business Simple

Tired of looking for the best B2B Travel Solutions and ambitious to grow your business? Etraviax is just the right platform for you. Etraviax is a top B2B travel portal development company, offering booking solutions to travel agencies globally. Equipped with upgraded technologies, we use an impeccable platform to offer services.

Our B2B Travel booking portal solution empowers your travel agencies to browse and book travel services for their customers. We help travel businesses succeed by offering innovative solutions in the competitive travel industry. Whether you need hotel booking software or other travel tech solutions, Etraviax offers you the best best choice. Partner with us to elevate your business, and witness your success soar in the dynamic world of travel.

B2B Travel Solutions

Advantages of B2B Travel Solutions

Etraviax is among the top travel technology company offering excellent B2B Travel Agent Portal development to travel agencies, operators, and organizations. We believe in creating a bond between two businesses and helping them grow tremendously. Not only this, we offer various benefits to our clients. Explore cutting-edge B2B travel technology solutions designed to streamline operations, enhance user experiences, and boost efficiency.

Improve your B2B travel portal with various GDS Flight API integration. Our travel agency software software solution simplify travel operations, making bookings efficient and enhancing customer experiences.

B2B Travel Portal Development Benefits

We have a great platform for B2B Travel Portal Development. It allows you to market your services online without showing your identity. Both small and large tour operators are using our portal. We help travel agents with last-minute hotel bookings.

Our team keeps a list of hotels available for immediate booking, so you won’t run out of rooms. In short, we make the world more accessible for you.

As a result of this, offline travel agencies are joining hands with online travel agencies. Offline travel agencies incorporated online travel agencies’ B2B travel portal solutions to enhance their business growth. To access the best deals from leading travel operators, offline travel operators have improve their approach to business. Our tour operator software plays a pivotal role in this transformation, facilitating smoother collaboration and access to superior travel offerings.

Our B2B for Flight, Hotels, Cars, Tour Packages

Our B2B travel software helps travel agencies book flights, hotels, cars, tours, and activities for their customers. At Etraviax, we give wings to travel agencies to make them fly high. Improve travel management with our advanced technology. Simplify Tour operations, enhance planning, and exceed customer expectations with our destination management software.

Our software helps clients connect with Travel CRM for global travel agencies, ensuring efficiency in travel management software. Improve travel management with our advanced technology. Simplify operations, enhance planning, and exceed customer expectations with our cutting-edge software.

To increase sales, travel agencies should operate from various locations and have a smooth management system. B2C travel portal development helps with this by providing more opportunities for travel agencies. Unlike the B2C travel booking portal, the Etraviax B2B portal stretches the capabilities of travel agencies, suppliers, and tour operators to get their products booked by business associates through the B2B travel portal.

Our travel booking system is for travel agencies, sub-agents, and corporations to reserve air tickets, hotels, cars, and travel packages. Our B2B travel booking portal connects travel agencies with business clients, bridging the gap between them. Whatever your requirement B2B, B2E, and B2C, our Travel OTA software includes all.

At Etraviax, our flight booking software connects with GDS and XML API for flights, hotels, cars, tours, and more. Our team works hard to provide excellent service worldwide. We believe in continuous learning and growth, and we want our clients to succeed as well. Our travel website, Etraviax, integrates with GDS and XML API for flights, hotels, cars, tour packages, and more.

We do not compromise the quality for its cost. Right from speed, performance, and user-friendly design, our expert team keeps everything in mind. Our integrated B2B travel portal shows real-time info for flight booking engine, hotels, cars, and transfers to clients.

We offer XML API-integrated travel portals to travel operators, travel agencies, and new companies. Whether it is an online travel agency or an offline travel agency, we fulfil the expectations of both. Through our carefully designed B2C travel portal system, we allow inbound and outbound travel agencies to sell their product.


Best Features of B2B Travel Solutions

Our B2B travel portal booking solution has advanced features to speed up your business’s revenue generation process.


How to Select the Best B2B Travel Portal Software?

Growth in business and competitive edge are the two elements that the best travel portal development company offers. At Etraviax, we serve our clients with engaging, responsive, and innovative B2B travel portals.

Our designed booking portal offers a user-friendly interface that ultimately results in the best performance. Travel agencies get a better return. Gaining recognition worldwide, Etraviax is one of the successful companies that offer seamless online ticket booking solutions.

Our company offers exceptional services through a robust, responsive, achievable, and high-performing platform. Further, it enhances through upgraded technologies. Our booking engine combines XML API for flights, hotels, transfers, cars, sightseeing, and packages, enabling online search and booking.

Apart from this, our B2B travel booking portal comes with GDS integration like Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport, etc. Not only online travel agencies, but offline travel agencies can also get the best of our services.

How to Pace Up Revenue Generation Using Travel Booking Portal?

Our B2B travel portal gives our clients freedom to merge different features on the booking system. OTAs can collect inventories from various API distributors and sell them after including their surplus. We help our clients sell products easily through our portal and improve their selling abilities.

Our online booking engine combines various advanced features for users, travel agencies, tour operators, and travel management companies. At Etraviax, We deliver seamless travel technology services by consolidating our solution with several airlines globally. Our B2C travel portal development offers opportunities for travel companies, not just B2B travel companies. It gives them the freedom to attract more visitors and conversion rates on their website.

Key Strategies for B2B Travel Portal Development

Choose the best travel portal development company for the best results. Implement the above strategies and see what works best for you. If you are not sure about your travel portal development needs, we are here to help you. Connect with an Etraviax dedicated executive and get an instant solution.

Discuss every goal with our representative and finalize the requirements of your business. Our team analyses your goals and delivers the product accordingly. So make your business grow through the seamless management process.