Hotel Extranet System

The professional hotel extranet system interface for managing hotel inventory through this industry-leading software solution.

  • Hotel Extranet System, total control over your inventory
  • Online Inventory Management Tool For Hotels
  • Automated Central Reservation System For Accommodations, Motels & Resorts

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Hotel Extranet System An Application That Makes You Standout

Hotel Extranet is renowned as the hotel central reservation system that the hotel, motel, and resort industry implements. It is an automated booking system that includes the collection and allocation of significant information. Etraviax Hotel Extranet system provides travel agencies an opportunity to insert their own agreed hotels and permit them to manage their inventories online. Through this excellent platform the hotel industry got enormous freedom and ease in online inventory management and improving sales.

Hotel Extranet as a single point system is used to access Global distribution systems and online distribution systems. Our Hotel Extranet system offers a platform to hotel managers to control their sales, revenue, and market opportunities. Using this, hotel managers can reflect hotel prices, room availability, offers, and discounts on different sales channels. The hotel extranet system, a significant part of the central reservation system, helps the hotel industry maintain their information like prices, policies, offers, etc.

How Hotel Extranet System Functions?

The Hotel Extranet system is an exceptional tool for travel companies that connects them to endless renowned hotels. Providing travel agencies an option to choose the best hotels and link their managers helps our clients expand the business. The goal is to get the pricing from different hotels and help the end-user to book at the best price. Also, the End-user has the option to select the best property that does not hamper their budget.

A travel company that wants to add inventory of a particular hotel can connect its manager directly. What can be excellent than this is if you get as much flexibility using single hotel booking software. Not only travel agencies but also hotels get benefits from this centralized hotel reservation system. Travel companies give them login IDs and passwords for secured access to directly update information into the system. Reliability and ease at the same time make it a win-win tool for both parties.

Further, secured access eliminates the possibility of a data hack. By logging in, hotels can add or remove images, rates, room availability, destinations, video, and much more into the booking system. As both parties get access to the system, it does not put the burden on one. The hotel extranet system always offers something. Hotel managers may change the number of properties as per their requirements. On the other hand, travel agencies grab the best deals from hotels and come out with excellent travel packages for their customers. The hotelier can keep the different rates for different rooms, duration, and others.


Benefits of Hotel Extranet

At Etraviax, we develop the best hotel extranet system that offers our clients huge benefits. Here are the key benefits we offer:

Features Hotel Extranet System Online- Empower Selling Inventory Online

Etraviax, one of the leading travel portal development companies offers an excellent online hotel extranet system, including advanced features.
Here are the key features:

Functions of Hotel Booking Software:


Why Is Hotel Extranet a Must-Have Tool?

Everything is getting digitized at a faster pace, so its impact on businesses is visible. While booking, every traveler looks for the comfort that made the hotel reservation system the need of the hour for the hotel industry. Whether small scale or large scale, every hotel needs to implement an online hotel reservation system. The percentage of travelers who prefer booking online is rising day by day. If you have not maintained an online platform, you may lose a potential customer base.

It offers you a competitive edge over competitors. Still, some small-scale hotels are not aware of online reservation potential. So as soon as they adopt the online hotel booking system, they start to realize the benefit of a booking system. It enhances the booking efficiency of your business and supports you in developing an updated reservation platform. Once a customer makes a booking, our Hotel Extranet system updates information on all sales channels. It saves your precious time by effectively managing your operational tasks. Also, it eliminates the chance of over reservation.

How Does Etraviax Hotel Booking Software Help in Revenue Generation?


Why Etraviax for Your Hotel Extranet Need?

Hotel Extranet is a significant element of the online central reservation system. Travel agencies use it to upload their contracted hotels and allow them to insert their rooms occupancy, updated price, additional services, cancellation policy, and other details. It offers flexibility to come up with the best deals for end users. Our well-designed allow our clients to manage the last date of offers, day of stay in an effortless manner.

We ensure profitability, customer confidence, better customer support, and minimized margin of error for our clients. Apart from this, we strengthen our clients by giving them a platform to develop a never ending bond with their prospective customers. Etraviax advanced hotel extranet system increases bookings and offers features to ensure booking at the last minute. It keeps your property booked all the time and gives a flawless booking experience to travel agencies.

Our hotel extranet system helps in easy inventory management. Further, it results in more customers for our client’s property. Gives enormous benefits to travel agencies, hotel and resort industry, Hotel Extranet is a user-friendly platform to enter details of associated hotels and permit them to upload their product description, images, prices, and availability, etc. Also, an online booking system provides instant notification for a particular booking, deals of the day and limitations, etc. Not only the internet distribution system but also it controls individual global distribution systems or GDS Integration from a single point.

What Are The Qualities That Make a Hotel Booking Engine Exceptional?

At Etraviax, we believe that excellence is not a game of one night. It takes effort to add excellence to your booking engine. To say your booking software is exceptional, it must possess some qualities, and some of them are listed below: