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Etraviax offers Hotel API Integration for online travel agencies access to hotel data, including location, room availability, amenities, additional services, etc.

  • Displays global hotels inventory
  • Simplify hotel booking process
  • Easily integrate in your existing system
  • Multilanguage and multicurrency feature
  • Easy management of revenue and commissions

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Create a Seamless Hotel Booking Interface

Are you looking for the best hotel booking engine that ensures an easy booking process? Choose API integration and let your website excel.

Etraviax is a leading travel technology company with rich experience in advising and integrating API to your existing or new hotel booking software.


What is API Integration? API is a key for hoteliers and other authorized parties to access data of API integration gives them complete control over room availability, prices, services and additional hotel-related information.


Travel technology company performs this task of integrating and strengthening hotel businesses to take steps towards their goals. API Integration

Etraviax Hotel Booking API

Etraviax, the leading travel portal development company, offers the best hotel booking XML API Integration services. We help travel agencies, travel companies, hotels and TMCs in brand awareness and building a profitable business. Serving with the best hotel booking API, our goal is to let our clients on the top in the industry.

At Etraviax, we have a team of enthusiastic developers who help to deliver the best API integration services. Their rigorous efforts brought out the fruit that made us the in-demand XML API integration service provider.

Our work process starts with understanding the client’s needs and ends with delivering the required solution. Clients possibly look for complete or partial XML API integration of, and we cover both.

Whether a client looks to integrate the hotel booking API into an existing booking system or a new one, our team provides complete assistance.

Accommodation providers are one step away from extending their business, promoting their services and enhancing the user base. They need to choose from our booking XML API integration services, and their business will automatically thrive.

Etraviax Hotel API integration benifets travel agencies and customers also. It gives the customers endless options at reasonable prices.

Right on integrating API to your system, it opens you to over 9 lakhs properties spread globally. API comes with excellent features that include the following:

Advantages of Hotel Booking API


What is Extranet and How Does it Function?

The Hotel Extranet is a dashboard control system that allows members to edit hotel listings, generate offers, control hotel bookings and much more.

Now the question is how it works. Here is the process: Extranet Login-: First set up the username and password and then reset the credentials using the specified email address.

Control Ads and Produce Offers-: On logging in, members can make changes in the details of the accommodation like

Control Hotel Bookings-: The extranet shows the history of hotel bookings and upcoming bookings.

Control over Guest Chat-: Using the extranet, members can easily control the conversation with guests. Extranet Inbox-: offers all the latest information, news and other details through the extranet inbox. It can answer any query.

Allow Account for Additional Member API integration allows the creation of additional accounts through the extranet for adding a member. It allows freedom to manage the accommodations for multiple persons. It removes the pressure on a single person to manage accommodation details



Why Should You Choose Etraviax?

Integrating hotel booking API, we provide our clients access to inventories of It comes with a collection of various hotel XMLs and allows users to do the following:

Etraviax API integration delivers the best solution for


Role of a Travel Technology Company in Hotel Booking API Integration

Travel technology companies play a role in hotel API integration services for travel companies, TMCs and DMCs.

The company combines the hotel XML API of different suppliers and develops the best B2B/B2C hotel booking engine and travel booking engines.

Etraviax, the best travel portal development company, provides the excellent API integration of It allows users to reserve a room straightaway from the hotel’s booking portal.

Our hotel booking engine helps hotels and other property owners to get an optimized website that ranks high on google. It automatically paces up the traffic on the booking portal. Every travel company tries to reduce its marketing cost and increase revenue.

At Etraviax, we have a team of expert developers to deliver solutions that meet company goals.

We strive to give the best of our services to our clients. That is what compels us to deliver to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions
A hotel booking API integration is a web service that enables travel agencies, TMCs and OTAs to collect data from hotel service providers. They use this data to serve customers in booking rooms and other hotel-based services.
First, we submit the necessary details to Once they find it suitable, you get access as a Connectivity Partner. Ensure compliance with the PCI and PII Submit asked documents Combine the booking system with APIs. Get API integration approval And you are done.
Hotel booking API is a web-based service that works as an excellent search booking tool for hotels. These hotel APIs handle prices, room availability, room type etc. It helps end users get the perfect accommodation for their next journey.