Sabre GDS System

Sabre GDS System offers businesses in the travel industry, allowing them to search, price, book, and ticket services from airlines, hotels, car rentals, and tour operators.

  • Sabre Flight Booking API
  • Sabre Hotel Booking API
  • Sabre Car Rental API
  • Sabre Train Booking API
  • Sabre Travel Insurance API
  • Self-Service APIs

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Sabre GDS Software

Sabre GDS software a step towards brighter travel future

Sabre GDS System connects travel agencies around the world, enabling them to provide competitive flight prices. Customers can quickly book multiple travel services from one place and the system can process millions of transactions each minute.

Sabre GDS Integration

Integrating the Sabre API into a travel business’s booking system enables access to a variety of travel products. Sabre software facilitates a successful plan for booking flights, hotels, cars, vacations, and other travel services.

Sabre GDS System

We develop travel booking websites using major GDS software, such as Sabre, Amadeus, and Travelport GDS APIs. We provide GDS services to travel management, online travel, destination management, and tour companies.

Why is Sabre GDS Integration Important?

The Sabre GDS system builds robust travel applications that offer the best support to developers. Keeping your business at the forefront of technology, Sabre helps you grow on and on.

Sabre GDS software allows access to various services and assists developers in creating and testing applications. The software includes information from airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and car rental companies.

It offers a successful flight booking app by providing features like


Sabre GDS system connectivity to travel agents worldwide helps them serve clients with better flights prices. The customer can easily book multiple travel services from a single platform. Sabre GDS comes with the ability to process millions of transactions within a minute.

Apart from this, Sabre GDS offers expert guidance to travel companies through options like call, chat, and email. Sabre GDS System has advanced solutions for airline reservation system that help them market their services.

Sabre GDS API integration ultimately helps airlines expand their reach to business and fun travelers. Airlines maintain their data on the GDS, and travel companies integrate the GDS into their booking system.

Integrating GDS gives access to the latest prices from the airlines and helps them serve their customers better. So, Sabre GDS integration creates a win-win situation for travel companies and airlines both.

For a successful travel website development, GDS API integration is the need of the hour for travel businesses. Picking up any random travel technology company will not solve your purpose. For this, you need a partner that you can trust.
Etraviax is one of the best travel technology companies known for its trustworthy project execution and completion. We offer GDS API integration, B2B travel portal development, B2C travel portal development services, etc., for travel businesses.

Sabre Reservation System for Flight Bookings

An advanced flight booking software offered by Sabre that helps travel agencies distribute flight tickets to various selling channels. Sabre flight booking API offers real-time information that saves booking time and expenses.

The Sabre Airline Reservation system is the best solution for airlines to reach and market their products to customers. Sabre GDS software offers a comprehensive tool for flight bookings and business planning.

Integrating Sabre GDS into your travel portal offer features like

Sabre GDS API Integration for Hotel Bookings

Benefits of Sabre API integration for hoteliers and online travel agencies.


Sabre GDS API Integration for Car Rental Bookings

Using Sabre GDS integration for car rentals, travel agencies can access the real-time data of car rental organizations. Passengers get many car rental options on the travel portal of the company.

Travel businesses can compete in the market by providing the latest car rental prices, Sabre GDS Software offers benefits like:


Sabre GDS Software Features

Unleash the full potential of your cruise business with Sabre Cruise API. With complete cruise content integrated into all modules, including user, guest user, agent, admin, affiliates, mobile applications, and custom modules with amazing UI UX design, Cruise Booking API will revolutionize the way you book and manage your cruise reservations.

How Sabre GDS Maintained Its Essence in The Travel Industry?

GDS plays an essential role in the travel industry. It links travel agencies and service distributors like airlines, hotels, car rental organizations, etc. Sabre GDS is a search-oriented system allowing users to explore different travel products from distributors worldwide. It reflects real-time price comparisons between suppliers and helps the user in decision-making.

Using Sabre GDS software, travel agencies can create advanced hotel and flight booking API  that ultimately helps end users. So, GDS benefits travel companies, OTAs, and travelers. In this digital world, users prefer making a booking online.

Travel agencies expand their online presence and gain more customers by offering various travel content on one platform. This boosts their portal traffic and revenue. This is why GDS introduced the travel API.

By integrating it into the B2B travel portal/ B2C travel portal, travel companies access global suppliers’ data. We help our clients by providing valuable services to their customers. At Etraviax, we allow travel companies to link to Sabre GDS. By integrating Sabre GDS API into their booking system, companies access real-time price changes and exclusive offers on travel.

End users always look for trustworthy travel portal solutions. Sabre GDS’s integrated booking system offers users a reliable, customizable, and user-friendly platform. Sabre has emerged as a successful GDS, changing the picture of the travel sector.

At Etraviax, we provide Sabre GDS software and Sabre API/XML integration to travel agencies worldwide. With Sabre GDS, the expertise of travel agencies has increased a million times. Suitable for both B2B and B2C business models, Sabre GDS helps fetch real-time flight and hotel packages.


The Sabre GDS API provides many benefits, but that too depends on the expertise. Hire a software developer having expertise in API integration to reap the advantages. At Etraviax, we have a team of expert developers and designers with years of experience integrating GDS API.

If you are looking for the same, contact our team and get a revert as soon as possible.

Choosing the right GDS system can greatly impact the success of your travel business. Consider factors such as global coverage, booking capabilities, ease of integration, and cost-effectiveness when comparing Amadeus API, Sabre, and Travelport. Take the time to evaluate each system based on your specific needs and goals to make the best choice for your business.

The Sabre API for cruise search engine revolutionizes the way people search and book cruises. With access to real-time availability, pricing and detailed ship and itinerary information, the Sabre API provides a seamless and comprehensive cruise booking experience for travelers. The integration of this cutting-edge technology into cruise search engines delivers greater efficiency and increased revenue opportunities for cruise lines and travel companies.