Travelport GDS

At Etraviax, we provide the best Travelport GDS integration services to develop advanced travel booking software for travel agencies.

  • Real-time inventory access
  • Comprehensive flight, hotel, car rental, and cruise bookings
  • Access to global travel content via API
  • Customizable to fit business needs
  • Reliable and secure platform

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Travelport API Integration

Embrace a Brighter Travel Future with Travelport GDS Software

Travelport GDS is a global distribution system that connects travel providers and agencies, enabling seamless access to flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel services. By offering real-time inventory and pricing, it streamlines booking processes, enhances travel experiences, and boosts the efficiency of travel businesses worldwide.

Travelport GDS is a leading travel technology platform that simplifies the complexities of the industry. It achieves this by providing advanced, high-speed retailing technologies for smoother booking experiences. As one of the largest GDS providers, including Galileo, Worldspan, and Apollo, Travelport GDS is a significant player in the airline reservation system market, trailing only Amadeus and Sabre. Streamline your flight booking software with Travelport GDS today.

Travelport GDS

Travelport Galileo API

Galileo GDS system is the highly preferred travel GDS software. It offers world-class CRS, a travel booking system, and XML web services to the travel sector. Galileo is the leading travel content and technology provider, like B2C and B2B travel software. Extending its reach to the world’s major countries like Europe, the US, and Malaysia, proving it a highly profitable GDS.

Travelport Apollo API

Apollo GDS is an excellent provider of travel distribution systems, travel technologies, and web services for travel businesses worldwide. At Etraviax, we offer Travelport Apollo GDS, which includes all the features necessary to manage global travel bookings. Our booking software helps travel businesses provide real-time travel information to end users.

This includes:


Travelport Worldspan API

Travelport Worldspan GDS is a perfect technology that fulfills the continuously changing demands of travel operators. Our Worldspan GDS software development expert has years of experience creating car rental and hotel booking engines.

Worldspan GDS is a well-versed commerce platform that allows travel operators to search, book, and sell travel services. So it creates a win-win situation for a B2B travel network member. Etraviax is a travel technology company that completes the integration of TravelPort GDS into a booking portal. This GDS API integration offers many advantages to travel businesses worldwide.

Our GDS flight API, hotel API, car rental API, and other travel APIs help your clients smoothly book a service. We are a universal technology company that develops advanced travel solutions. Having an expert team has kept us in a position to deliver a trustworthy hotel and airline reservation system. We offer a solution that matches a travel business module: B2B, B2C, and B2B2C.


Alternatives to Travelport GDS

The Travelport GDS is one of the three largest GDSs. Other good alternatives to Travelport are Amadeus GDS and Sabre GDS.

Amadeus GDS

Amadeus GDS is a widely recognized global distribution system that revolutionized the travel industry. Established in 1987 with a focus on flight booking services, Amadeus has since expanded its offerings to encompass a wide range of travel services, including hotel bookings, car rentals, and more. With a commanding 40 percent contribution to travel agency bookings, Amadeus is the leading GDS provider in the industry. Headquartered in Spain, Amadeus boasts a strong presence in the European market and continues to expand its global reach with innovative technology and exceptional service.


Sabre GDS

Sabre GDS is the second-largest GDS that came into existence in 1960. With a history spanning almost six decades, Sabre GDS API integration has profited thousands of travel agencies worldwide. Its headquarters are in Southlake, Texas, making it the best option to take advantage of the US market.

Unlike Amadeus, Sabre has a larger share of hotel booking services. It covers over 30 percent of the market share.

Choosing a GDS has a role in the overall profit of travel agencies. So, they must analyze all the factors and choose accordingly.

Why is Travelport GDS essential for the travel industry?

Travelport GDS API integration allows travel agencies to offer users access to worldwide travel content. It includes flight, hotel, car rental, and other travel service booking information. GDS’s integrated solution helps travel businesses offer real-time services to their customers.

Etraviax, as a travel technology company, offers flight booking API, hotel booking API, and booking software for hotel booking software, flights booking software, and web-based car rental software, etc. Our clients can expect complete travel-related solutions with Travelport GDS integration. With a network of hotels, airlines, and car rentals, our Travelport software offers you access to corporate buyers.

Etraviax is a pioneering GDS with a presence in over 50 countries, making it accepted worldwide. Our Travelport GDS integration helps travel businesses increase revenue, reduce costs, and enhance their reach to business travelers worldwide. With our efficient solutions, we make it possible for you to offer your clients virtual tours of various destinations and smooth access to all travel services.

We focus on advanced technology, strategy, a shorter turnaround time, and delivering travel portal solutions that match customer needs. Our Travelport GDS software allows you to use a flexible solution for your travel reservations. GDS-integrated software helps travel agencies overcome challenges in the competitive travel management industry. Improved performance and scalability come as a bonus with our solutions.

Travelport GDS has taken many steps to make the list of the best GDS in the world. One of those initiatives is offering B2B payment solutions that we have yet to hear of in the travel industry. By integrating advanced technologies into their booking software, travel businesses have been fulfilling the requirements of travelers. At Etraviax, our team has expertise in developing travel commerce platforms and universal APIs.

Not only does our Travelport GDS solution offer revenue maximization but also a seamless booking experience for travelers globally,

Features of Travelport GDS

Etraviax provides a single platform for connecting travel service providers, GDS suppliers, and consolidators. It helps businesses get endless travel content. So, our solutions help you establish a brand by increasing the conversion rate. We can say that technology influences the success of travel and tourism

Benefits of Travelport GDS

Travelport Airlines GDS

Using Travelport’s airline GDS helps travel agencies and TMCs access the vast travel content for flight booking. Our Travelport GDS integrated airline reservation system offers companies real-time information and special deals. Apart from benefiting travel agencies, it also helps airlines promote their content directly to Travelport-authorized travel agencies, business travelers, etc.

If you are looking for LCCs airline, you can avail of them through the Galileo commerce platform connected to API technologies. Using these technologies, they can share their unique content with travel businesses looking for LCCs.

Travelport Hotel API

Travelport Hotel API delivers the best hotel booking system that works like a content-sharing tool for hoteliers. It is an excellent technology for all kinds of properties. Our GDS solution helps travel businesses access real-time information on worldwide hotels.

Travelport GDS connects to over 6 lakh properties in over 170 countries globally. Independent hotels and boutique hotels can easily use the Travelport commerce platform. It gives them a cost-effective and easily accessible path to sell their properties to independent and boutique hotels that can easily connect with the travel commerce platform and get in touch with lakhs of travel agencies.

Etraviax offers superior hotel booking software, functioning as an invaluable content-sharing tool for hoteliers across various property types. This cutting-edge technology empowers travel businesses with real-time access to information on hotels worldwide. By integrating our comprehensive GDS solution, businesses can efficiently manage bookings, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences. This robust hotel booking software is designed to support the diverse needs of the travel industry, promoting growth and fostering successful partnerships between travel businesses and accommodation providers.

The Travelport Account Management system is expertly crafted to maximize the return on investment for its partners by implementing innovative services and technologies that drive business growth. Learn how to connect to Travelport and harness the power of this cutting-edge platform to elevate your travel business to new heights.

Travelport Car Rental API

Travelport’s car rental solutions allow travel companies to choose from several car rental organizations globally. Also, the Travelport car rental platform is the best way for car rental organizations to market their content to travel agencies and business travelers. Travelport Galileo GDS allows car rental organizations to allow access to their fleets to travel companies by integrating the travel API into the applications.

Etraviax offers web based car rental software solutions for travel companies, granting access to an extensive range of global car rental organizations. By utilizing the Travelport car rental platform, these organizations can effectively market their services to travel agencies and business travelers. Furthermore, the Travelport Galileo GDS integration enables car rental companies to provide seamless access to their fleets through travel APIs. This powerful combination empowers travel businesses to offer a comprehensive and user-friendly car rental experience, fostering growth and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Travelport Cruise API

Travelport Cruise GDS presents a versatile cruise booking API, enabling cruise lines to promote their offerings to over 60,000 travel agencies worldwide effectively. This powerful tool grants travel agencies real-time access to comprehensive cruise information, all on a single platform. By incorporating this innovative cruise booking API, businesses can streamline bookings, simplify operations, and boost customer satisfaction, elevating their overall performance in the competitive travel market. The seamless integration of Travelport API with Cruise Booking Engine ensures a smooth and efficient cruise booking experience for both travel agencies and their clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a Global Distribution System (GDS) for a travel agency, it's essential to consider factors such as the number of airlines, hotels, and other travel suppliers available, the quality of customer support, pricing, and features offered.

Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport are three popular GDS providers in the travel industry. Amadeus is known for its extensive inventory of flights and hotels, while Sabre offers a wide range of ancillary services, including car rentals and travel insurance. Travelport, on the other hand, is renowned for its user-friendly interface and innovative technology.

To choose the best GDS for your business, it's essential to compare the features, pricing, and support offered by each provider. You should also consider your business needs and the travel services you offer to your clients. Ultimately, the GDS that best meets your specific requirements will be the most suitable choice.

Connecting a hotel to Travelport GDS typically involves utilizing the services of a GDS provider. These companies offer the advantage of connecting hotels to all major GDS systems simultaneously, allowing them to manage their listings, property descriptions, photos, facility information, and pricing all from one centralized location.

To fully automate GDS usage, GDS providers typically have established connections with property management systems (PMS) and hotel channel managers. With these integrations, hotels can seamlessly update their availability and pricing information across multiple channels, including online travel agencies and travel management companies.

To connect your hotel to Travelport GDS, it's crucial to select a reliable GDS provider that can offer comprehensive connectivity solutions and support throughout the entire process. Once connected, hotels can tap into Travelport's vast global network of travel agencies and bookers, effectively expanding their reach and driving more bookings. It's also essential to ensure that all property information and rates are accurate and up-to-date to maximize visibility and attract potential guests.

Travelport GDS offers hotel owners and travel industry professionals a multitude of benefits, with one of the key advantages being the ability to distribute their products to travel agencies worldwide. Unlike its primary competitors, Travelport GDS has a more evenly distributed global reach, offering access to some of the most robust travel markets in North America, Europe, and Asia.

While Amadeus GDS dominates the European market and Sabre GDS has a strong foothold in North America, Travelport GDS offers a more balanced distribution across different continents. This diversification of Travelport's network provides significant advantages for hotels and travel agencies looking to expand their global reach and secure bookings from a wide range of regions.