Hotel API Integration

Etraviax Hotel API Integration offers online travel agencies access to hotel data, including location, room availability, amenities, additional services, etc.

  • Displays global hotels inventory
  • Simplify hotel booking process
  • Easily integrate in your existing system
  • Multilanguage and multicurrency feature
  • Easy management of revenue and commissions

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Hotel API Integration

A Seamless Booking Experience for Customers

Etraviax is a leading travel technology company that offers the best hotel API integration services to its clients and brings revolutionary changes in the hotel booking process. Integrating Hotel API is an online service that facilitates hotel browsing and booking. With Hotel API implementation, we provide clients with the freedom to manage prices, hotel services, and hotel packages matching guest requirements. Our solution constitutes a eay to use travel portal development that ultimately improves user engagement with payment gateway integration.

Hotel API Integration

It is also known as Hotel Booking API. Booking a hotel can be a tiring process. It requires deciding upon many factors like hotel location, budget, facilities, and additional services. So, offering a seamless booking platform to users gives our clients a competitive edge. At Etraviax, our dedicated team provides exceptional Hotel API solutions that remove the booking complexities for all-scale travel agencies(small to large). It offers an end-to-end solution for hotel booking.

Also, it provides step by step guide to the user and makes online hotel bookings a flexible process. Now users can book freely at the comfort of their homes. Not only travel agencies but also the hotels sector get benefited by hotel API Integration. Being a web-based service, Hotel Booking API Integration offers a platform to hoteliers to reflect their inventories. Further, it improves the number of bookings and helps in generating enormous revenue. Hotel XML API integration is gaining popularity and making it the need of the hour for travel agencies and the hotels sector.

It acts as a one-stop solution for all booking needs. So it easily controls hotel prices, available rooms, ancillary services, etc. Bit by bit, it offers a perfect stay to the guest even at multiple locations. Implementing a hotel booking API benefits travel agencies, hotels, and final customers. Some of the benefits are listed below.

Benefits of Hotel API Integration


Hotel Booking API Features

How Do Hotel API Actually Functions?

The sole purpose behind the development of Hotel API is to serve end-users with better service. The Hotel API implementation on a travel agency website brings out the best browse and book experience for customers. Observing its high potential in customer engagement, most travel service providers adapted the hotel booking portal service. Hotel API provides travel companies access to vast inventories. Further, it helps them offer their customers the best stay at a reasonable price.

Getting service at a low cost with no compromise in quality ultimately wins the guest’s confidence. It improves booking on your website and supports your travel business increase profits.


A Travel Portal That Consist of Hotel API features

The Internet has become an essential part of our life, and it is showing its potential in the travel industry. Earlier hotel booking was hectic as visitors had no way to check hotels in advance. In the modern era, hotel booking has become very simple.

It became possible through hotel API integration into the travel booking system. Hotels these days can offer various types of rooms( premium, deluxe, luxury), facilities, and virtual tours.

With the unwavering support of our dedicated team, we provide Hotel API that offers real-time prices, available rooms, refunds, cancellations, etc.

Booking hotels for their customers has become easy for travel agencies. They can book it on their website. It has become possible only due to Hotel booking software that completes the concept of the centralized booking system.

Apart from this, Using Hotel XML API, travel companies can offer advanced search filters to their customers. It helps the customer browse hotels as per ratings, price, facilities, and so on.

Etraviax is a leading travel technology company that offers the best hotel booking engine integrated with major API providers such as hotel beds, and expedia hotel api integration. We strengthen our client business by giving them exceptional travel technology solutions like hotel booking systems, flight booking systems, etc.

Etraviax XML API integration consolidates inventories from multiple hoteliers, aggregators, and online travel agencies on a single platform. To deliver a competitive hotel booking solution to our clients, we leave no stone unturned.

Keeping this in mind, we have designed and developed our API to meet all the requirements of travel agents(small to large). The user gets lots of options in the hotels. Also, they can cancel a booking by sitting in the comfort of their home.

Our Hotel API consists of advanced features to instantly update bookings. We always train our team for effective API integration. Our unbeatable services allow seamless navigation on our client website and make it highly responsive.

At Etraviax, we always make efforts to improve our service. With the implementation of our Hotel API, travel agencies can save time in sending notifications for booking.

So the Hotel API integrated solution is one of the outstanding support that benefit all the parties, including travel agencies, hoteliers, and end-users. However, the API solution is a waste if not designed by an expert Hotel API provider.


Why Should You Choose Etraviax as a Hotel API Provider?

Etraviax is a renowned travel portal development company that offers user-friendly Hotel API for the travel industry worldwide. It provides step-by-step guidance to the guest in selecting the perfect stay for their next vacation. At Etraviax, we develop a hotel API that fulfils travel businesses’ needs irrespective of their size. Once they use our API integrated solution, it empowers them to get a network of clients and a collection of unbeatable services. If you also believe that a highly responsive website demands Programming knowledge, then Etarviax is the place for you. With step-by-step guidance for better travel website development, we help our clients achieve it at a reduced cost. It saves their time, energy, and cost involved in operations.

With Hotel API, Etraviax offers a robust platform to travel companies to get hotel inventories from worldwide hoteliers and suppliers. Using API, they can check available rooms, hotel location, rating, facilities and deliver the best hotel deals to end customers.

Our Hotel API comes with a payment gateway integration feature that offers customers the flexibility to pay. Booking a room at a hotel, motel, resort, and villa is at the users’ fingertips. They can easily make payments using multiple payment modes like Master/Visa/Debit /Credit cards, UPI, net banking, and so on.

A website integrated for multiple payment gateways that support multiple languages, currencies, and features is a path to raise profits for travel agencies. On the other side, users get end-to-end solutions for hotel booking and convenience in the journey. We offer a solution that provides a budget-friendly stay to end-users.


How Does Hotel API Integration Play An Important Role In Upgrading Tourism and Hospitality Sector?

With Hotel API integration, Travel companies can offer reliable platforms for easy hotel booking. It is an online service platform changing guests’ browsing and booking experience. At Etraviax, we deliver Hotel API solutions that make them reach worldwide customers.

Guests take advantage of online booking services by getting all the hotel related services on a single platform. Hotel booking is not limited to room only. Our API integration offers users an option to book other services including, room amenities, meals, extra beds, and so on.  Additionally, Hotel API integration offers flexibility to choose from ideal stay at multiple locations. So it provides limitless opportunities to grow to online travel agencies and the hotel industry. Through our Hotel restful API development, we provide our clients access to the vast inventory of partnered hotels.

Endless hotel booking options and effortless navigation with the Etraviax hotel API booking solution immediately attract more users to your travel booking portal. Only a flexible and automated booking system can manage the needs of every customer. Our Hotel API integrated solution displays inventories that perfectly match their budget and need. Travel agencies have gotten an effective tool to book hotels for multiple customers simultaneously. In short, it is making travel simple.

Our API merges all the necessary information in one place that offers smooth navigation and instant booking confirmation. Both travel companies and their customers save time involved in the booking process.

Our designed automated booking system removes the need to put personal information every single time. It securely saves the customer data for the next booking.

Time-saving ultimately reduces the operational and management cost of travel companies. Our centralized booking system diminishes the need for human involvement to a great extent. Our Hotel API integration is a one-time investment, and it gets you connected to a large number of hotels, aggregators, and distributors worldwide.

By successfully integrating our hotel API, we take care of all the crucial elements of our client business. Etraviax APIs offer Online travel agencies, tour operators, travel management companies, and other travel service providers to merge hotel services on their portals. Our XML API Integration service provides the end-user reliable, real-time, and instant hotel booking information. Also, it helps them in getting the best hotel deals for their upcoming journey.

We give our best to be part of the success of our clients and the happy vacation of their customers. Using our Hotel API integration services, make your business excel worldwide.