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TBO Travel Booking API

A Way to Better Travel Business

TBO API services empower travel agencies to reach their height

At Etraviax, we offer seamless TBO API integration to our clients. We provide them with a platform to explore global travel content and amaze users every day. Integrating the TBO API, we have benefited many travel agencies globally.  Etraviax believes that a business excels when it becomes the strength of its clients. This zeal to offer services inspired us to specialize in TBO flight, hotel, cruise, insurance, sightseeing, car rental, and transfer API integration services.

The travel industry is a competitive industry making it difficult for small to medium scale travel agencies to survive in the market. TBO API services strengthen those companies to face challenges in the industry. At Etraviax, our team has years of experience in API integration services that makes us grab a place in the top travel technology companies.

What is TBO, and How Does it Work?

TBO stands for Travel Boutique Online, the topmost travel portal solution in India. Working with a network of many travel agencies, TBO API has a wide presence in India and middle east countries.

TBO offers a platform where travel agencies can complete travel bookings for their clients. It includes flight, hotel, cruise, sightseeing, transfer, travel packages, and other services. Making a payment is not hectic now as TBO Integration services offer a secure and seamless interface. TBO API services help our clients to offer customers travel services at reasonable prices.

Flight Booking API

TBO flight booking API offers a global interface to travel agents for flight booking. When you integrate TBO API in your flight booking engine, it reflects the lowest airfares with workable payment options. Still not sure about TBO API, here are some advantages it offers

TBO Flight API Integration- Advantages


Hotel Booking API

TBO hotel API integration offers our clients access to several hotels, homestays, and accommodations universally. It saves time to connect with individual hotels and ask for quotations.

Not only this, TBO regularly works to add more and more hotels to its inventory.

Our clients benefit from innovative features of the TBO hotel booking API. Its best features include updated price, 24/7 availability, user-friendly interface, easy to integrate, speedier booking etc.

Advantages of TBO Hotel API integration

With the TBO API integrated hotel booking software, we offer your user endless stay options. It supports our clients in expanding their businesses. Users get many options at reasonable prices.

Hotel booking in less time develops customer confidence and attracts more customers. Keeping these things in mind, here are some advantages of TBO hotel API:


Insurance Booking API

Users decide to travel either for business or fun. They forget to assess the uncertainty attached to every journey. End-users may not want to spoil their journey because of unplanned circumstances. It may include loss of baggage, passport, mishappening etc. TBO Insurance comes in protection at that time.

At Etraviax, we integrate travel insurance API in the booking engine. That offers end-users to choose an insured journey. TBO insurance makes sure that the end-user gets a safe and secure journey. So, encourage your customers to buy an insurance policy.

Tour Packages Booking API

At Etraviax, we believe that every customer is different, and so is his demand. To cater different needs of customers, our team integrates the tour booking software in the client’s booking engine. TBO Packages API helps our clients to deliver customized itineraries to their customers.

Online tour booking software ensures instant booking confirmation, best travel deals, cost transparency, real-time information, and endless options in travel packages. TBO package API removes the hurdle of developing customized itineraries as per customer needs. So, it is an asset for travel agencies and tour operator software.



Booking a vehicle is an important part of a journey. TBO car rental API integration strengthens our clients by developing an advanced car rental booking engine. With this, our clients get quotations from various car rental suppliers. The end-user can choose the best option that falls within his budget.

TBO car rental booking software allows you to take advantage of car rental services in different countries around the globe. What would be better than getting instant car rental deals for a customer? Maybe nothing. It also allows a secure payment gateway that builds customer trust.

Cruise Booking API

TBO API services come with a complete package with Cruise Pro booking software  is a part of that. Our clients can connect to cruise companies globally using TBO cruise API integration. We give them the freedom to curate the best cruise journey for the end-users.

The cruise booking engine supports end-users to choose the best cruise operator at a reasonable price. Cruise booking software comes up with an integrated payment gateway that allows seamless and secure payment.

Transfers Booking API

Integrating transfer API, we support our clients to get advanced transfer booking software. It makes them serve better. Transfer booking demand is high these days. Every traveler needs to search for a transfer service to reach the hotel from the airport, railway station, and bus stand. Using the TBO transfer booking engine, your customers can book transfers irrespective of their location worldwide. They get the best deals from our network of registered suppliers.

Sightseeing Booking API

We travel to a place to explore it fully. It made the sightseeing API an inescapable part of the booking engine. Through TBO API, customers can choose from several sightseeing options as per their interests and budget. Sightseeing software offers a virtual tour of the destination and helps the user plan an unforgettable holiday.

RailEurope API

TBO railEurope is a that allows a comfortable train journey in Europe. TBO railEurope helps travel agents to search and book train tickets easily. It launched RailEurope for travel agents to book train journeys and explore several countries in Europe. Booking will never be as easy as it is on the TBO portal.


WHY TBO API Integration?

Exceptional TBO API services make it acceptable by global travel agencies. It offers an opportunity to connect with pioneering low-cost careers, hotels, car rental organizations, travel companies, etc. TBO API provides real-time customer support and growth opportunities to travel operators. Our clients can expand their customer base by offering travel booking services worldwide.
TBO API integrated booking engine allows access to a network of hotels and airlines. Real-time price, instant booking confirmation, user-friendly check-in process are some of the cool features of TBO API services. Studies show that travel agencies partnered with TBO are prospering in the industry. You are now just a call away from availing of TBO services. At Etraviax, our team assists you in doing it the right way.

TBO API Services Reach

TBO has a wide presence in India, reaching around 50+ cities. TBO offers Single XML with leading LCC Airline API  & full-service domestic carriers and 60+ hotel suppliers integrated on their portal. TBO is the best Online Booking Travel Portal for Travel Agents that provide end-to-end solution for B2B travel, Hotels booking, Air Ticketing, API, White label Solutions, and much more.