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What is NDC API Integration?

NDC (New Distribution Capacity) is an XML standard developed by IATA to empower airlines to offer their passengers rich content and additional services like luggage, seat, and class selection. Rich content is the only key to staying ahead of the competition and building a unique brand image for airlines.

Our travel technology company offers NDC API integration solutions that enable businesses to access real-time flight inventory, streamline bookings, and enhance customer experience with advanced features and functionalities.

Collecting Passenger data through New Distribution Capability offers an excellent platform for exceptional pricing policy. In the earlier data interchange process, GDSs were following the UN rules known as EDIFACT. Now, NDC is taking the place of the EDIFACT protocol. Since 1980 GDSs were using EDIFACT, but now NDC is introducing new opportunities for them.

NDC API Integration

Modern protocol(NDC) implementing XML standards offers ample content and additional services to OTAs, GDSs, and destination management companies. XML standards are changeable, making NDC a dynamic tool.

XML is a basis for communication among airline’s passenger service systems, GDS, and NDC interfaces. Travel companies are in a position to get airline data in JSON format using REST APIs. It is one of the latest APIs that manage the interchange of rich content.

The integration of New Distribution Capability (NDC) API with airlines enhances the capabilities of flight reservation software. This innovative technology provides travel companies access to extensive flight content and allows for real-time availability and booking, delivering a personalized and seamless experience for customers. The integration of NDC API into flight reservation software streamlines the process and offers increased revenue opportunities for both airlines and travel companies.

Advantages of NDC API Integration

Customized Booking Experience and Dig a Way To Customer Information.

In the existing scenario, airlines get only basic details of passengers, and online travel agencies, GDSs, and tour operators control the rest. Not getting enough information prevents airlines from offering a customized booking experience to customers. It is because they do not know their customer best. NDC API Integration broke this scenario and offered more freedom to airlines.  NDC communication protocol aims to allow airlines direct access to their customer information.

Freedom to Decide on Travel content and Price Quotation

Customized shopping experience offers airlines a platform for flexible pricing for their customers. Presently, airlines take support from the Airline Tariff Publishing Company(ATPCO) to decide their fare.

Third-party involvement is cutting down the profit and customized pricing opportunities for airlines. Here New Distribution Capability API Integration comes into the picture. It empowers airlines to quote customized prices and holiday packages using different passenger details.

By implementing modern XML standards, airlines are in a better position to create their separate APIs. Further, it allows them to update fares, and generate special deals for individual customers based on their previous experience with an airline.

Platform to Offer Additional Services, Concessions, and Best Holiday Deals

Currently,  Airlines follow EDIFACT(Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce, and Transport) as a communication protocol. These protocols allow the transfer of documents and files between multiple nations and sectors. Although airlines accept those protocols, it prevents them from offering additional services like customized packages. Ultimately EDIFACT is doing no good for airlines as they are losing their share in the revenue.

Build a Competitive Edge by Creating USP

Existing GDS software restricts the freedom of airlines.  It allows airlines to reflect fares and schedules only and no other value-added services. It enables travel agencies to take complete control over pricing and prevent airlines from offering rich content and create a competitive edge. NDC API integration solves this concern of airlines. Now they have the freedom to do whatever they can to make their product unique and competitive.


Usually, airlines rely on Passenger Service Systems that reflect the booking details, prices, flight schedules, etc. PSS displays the availability of the seats, but it took time to accept updates. NDC API came as a more reliable system for airlines by which all their valuable services, fares, and schedules can directly reflect passengers. The travel booking experience becomes convenient and joyful for passengers.

It was first introduced in September 2015 and ensured a change in the way airlines market their services. You can say that it is an update to the Passenger Service System. Further, it allows online travel agencies, destination management companies, and tour operators to get customized data via GDS Integration.

So with time, it will reduce the dominance of GDS in the travel sector.


How One Can Use NDC API Integration for Distributing Airline Content?

Observing the current scenario of NDC API integration, one can use XML standards in different ways to supply airlines content.

Let us understand these in detail!

Airlines Adoption of NDC API

Small airlines are taking time to adopt NDC as they see it as a risk. On the contrary, Major airlines like Lufthansa, Air Canada, and British Airways created their NDC API solutions. All solutions have their way to use.  For instance:

At first, Lufthansa introduced the NDC API solution that established a direct distribution channel between airlines and their customers. In a short span, Lufthansa got a level 4 certification that proves its adoption of distribution via NDC.

Their distribution channels include:

To offer the best fares, deals, and rich content, Lufthansa joined hands with ATPCO.

New Distribution Capability changed the way services are provided by airlines. It allows instant booking notifications, virtual tours, fares, schedules, and value-added services to customers.  Apart from Lufthansa, British Airways also built its NDC solution and made it excellent by merging it with Kayak. British Airways NDC API Integration offers freedom to sell products through different channels like Online travel agencies, GDSs, and IATA-certified agents.

Like Lufthansa, British Airways also has level 4 certification allowing the distribution of its complete content via NDC.

So, airlines can take all the benefits of NDC API integration and freely distribute their content via different distribution channels.  By implementing NDC, airlines are getting advantages like comprehensive content, customized services, and additional services. Aggregating NDC solutions with ATPCO brings out a powerful platform to conveniently get flight information.

The scenario of airlines accepting New distribution capabilities is progressive. One can depict that sooner or later, airlines have to adopt the NDC API integration for better services. NDC is a blended communication for selling directly or via GDSs.


How do GDSs Accept the NDC API?

Accepting NDC API integration was a challenge before GDS suppliers. It was effort-taking for GDSs to accept Individual NDC. So rather than choosing the NDC channel, they implemented the XML standard. With time when the NDC API had been accepted universally, it created pressure on GDSs. In 2018 ATPCO also introduced a merger with SITA for creating an API for communication via NDC.

They empower customized services by airlines, rich content, and additional services. Firstly, Travelport, one of the major GDSs, initiated efforts on creating its own NDC solution. With time it brought advancement in its API to empower airlines and rich content for passengers.

Currently, Travelport APIs support airlines like American Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, and United Airlines. Soon it will create an API for OTAs as well. Apart from Travelport, Sabre GDS  got the level certification and strengthened the delivery of rich content by airlines to passengers via an approved channel. It also authorizes travel agencies to get content from GDS, but it is limited to major travel agencies.

Sabre NDC channel is also sourcing rich content from Singapore Airlines, American Airlines, Qantas, and United Airlines. Amadeus GDS  is in the process of building its own NDC channel. It is clear that sooner or later, all GDSs have to accept the importance of NDC API integration for airlines. All the IT providers support the distribution of rich content to passengers and OTAs.

NDC API integration ensures customized content and a robust marketing platform for airlines services. OTAs start relying on GDSs more because of the continuing need for indirect API integration. Further, it encourages the development of unified NDC interfaces for distributing Airline’s inventories.

How are IT Providers Using NDC API for Linking Airlines and Retailers?

IT companies play a role in delivering solutions like XML API development to the airline sector. IATA-certified IT solution providers include SITA, Farelogix. OpenJaw etc. They are the largest NDC solution provider for airlines.  SITA is a universal IT solution provider that ensures exchange in the airline industry. To offer the best services to its clients, it joined hands with  ATPCO.

Farelogix is an IT provider that offers Saas-enabled NDC channels for Air Canada, American Airlines, and Delta. Last but not least, OpenJaw is an authorized order Strategic associate of IATA. It offers NDC API integration Solutions for the global travel market. As one of the best IT providers, it empowers airlines like British Airways and Iberia with its profound solution.

So it is clear that IT providers need IATA certification to develop NDC API solutions for airlines. One can check it on IATA official portal. Currently,  NDC interface acts as an IT solution provider or aggregator that develops API solutions for sourcing NDC rich content by airlines and OTAs.

The purpose of NDC is to unify APIs of various airlines and suppliers used to ensure the flow of rich content for end-users. Also, it helps airlines in developing a unique brand image. Routehappy, the best standard of ATPCO, supports delivering instant notification, virtual content, fares, and ancillary services to end-users.

This standard uses JSON format APIs that help in receiving content from various suppliers. At the Routehappy interface, it can merge data from several airlines and other suppliers.

NDC exchange owned by ATPCO helps in providing flight ticket and schedule details through NDC airlines booking. It is a one-stop solution to get fares and additional services from several airlines to market them to end-users. On the other hand, airlines received many benefits from it. They get the opportunity to use a price differentiation policy to market their services through Online travel agencies. Routehappy became part of the NDC exchange solution in 2019.

Farelogix NDC API integration offers a platform to airlines to sell their inventories directly or indirectly via aggregators/distributors/retailers to end-users. HitchHikeris the provider of confidential APIs to fetch data from GDSs and NDC-authorized airlines.  HitchHiker also offers links with low-cost carriers and allows multiple bookings through its API.

Travel Fusion is one of the successful travel content consolidators that encourages connectivity with Low-cost carriers. You may be confused between multiple suppliers and airlines. We reduce this hectic by replacing multiple NDC solutions with our unified NDC API integration. It helps you to get rich content from distributors universally.


NDC API Integration Implementation Challenges

No doubt, NDC  Booking API integration has lots of benefits for the airline industry, but still, it involves some challenges. Here are the challenges that most of airlines face while implementing NDC API:

Different Implementation Standards for Individual Airlines

Most airlines accepted NDC with its XML standard, but still, it has different implementation standards for individual airlines. Every Airline uses its strategy for NDC and develops personalized APIs. That scenario, forced online travel agencies, DMCs, and GDSs to work in partnership with NDC. Further, it demands a unified NDC channel.

Benefits for OTAs, GDSs, and DMCs are Unclear

NDC API integration has many advantages for airlines, but still, it does not reflect value for OTAs, GDSs, and DMCs. GDSs are doing well with their existing system with a clear vision of their advantages. Switching to NDC needs GDSs to make changes in the system which demands more expenses. Implementing new communication protocols and investing hard-earned money without getting sure about benefits is a real challenge for GDSs, OTAs, and TMCs.

GDSs are Ending Purpose of NDC Implementation

The sole purpose behind NDC API Integration is to either remove or diminish the role of GDS for airlines, but GDSs used different approaches. Not to lose its potential, GDSs has started adopting New distribution capabilities and making it difficult for airlines to get rid of GDSs oligopoly. It means that NDC will stretch its legs but in the limitation of GDSs.

What Makes eTraviax The Best NDC API Partner?

At Etraviax, we work with a determined goal of offering our clients the best services that include travel technology solutions, travel portal development, NDC API Integration, an online Flight Booking Software, and so on.

Integrating NDC API is one of the exceptional parts of our services, and here are some factors that make us the best NDC API partner.

Profound Development Skills

New Distribution  Capability consists of XML standards that facilitate communication between the third party and its associates. Only a skilled person can offer a comprehensive solution integrated from all ends.

At Etraviax, we have a team of experts who achieved excellence in their work with time.  Not only do they develop solutions but also make them best for you. Architecture, performance, API Integration with a prevailing reservation system, we cover everything.

Excellent Knowledge of Airline Sector

Having development skills is of no use without complete knowledge of the airline sector. Through our years of service in the airline sector, we gained enough knowledge to serve our clients better. We understand the importance of knowledge for the best NDC API integration that helps airlines in revenue generation.

Outstanding Project Handling

Being the best NDC API partner, our client knows us for outstanding project handling. We engage our best team to manage every single project. Whether big or small, we pay equal attention to every need of our clients.

Maintaining transparency in our work, we provide our clients complete details of past projects, success ratio, deadlines, and goal achievement. At Etraviax, we make our clients part of the journey by guiding them throughout the project.

Statutory Compliance

While performing our duty, we take care of all statutory compliance. Every time airlines add or remove a service from their system, we make a lawful arrangement keeping IATA guidelines in mind. We empower our clients to freely expand their business in the global market.

Quality Service

At Etraviax, we provide continuous training to our team that brings up the best tool for our clients. Our trained developers make us an excellent NDC API Integration partner.  We never compromise the quality of our service for cost and leave no space for mistakes.

We leave no stone unturned to offer our clients quality service in their budget. On-time delivery, quality service, reduced operation cost, and maximizing revenue are part of our goals for our clients.

NDC Certified

We have completed all the formalities to be called a reputed NDC API partner. Etraviax, as the best IT provider, has got NDC level 4 certification. It makes us perfect for sharing our excellence with our partners or clients.


Future of New Distribution Capability

IATA introduces NDC to let the airlines free from the dominance of Global Distribution Systems. But it does not seem like the Airlines get relief. GDSs themselves adopted NDC API Integration to maintain their position in the industry. Further, making it difficult for NDC to offer benefits to airlines.

GDSs worked on developing globally accepted standardized XML, which fails the idea of unified NDC exchange channels. However, the real challenge will arise in the upcoming years, when some airlines adopt the NDC leaving other airlines following  EDIFACT communication rules. Apart from this, how NDC API integration impacts GDS INtegration, OTAs, and DMCs is not yet clear.

So it concludes that NDC solutions will be an asset for airlines by which they can market their ancillary services directly to customers. However, it does not give assurance if airlines will get complete information about their customers or not. If such a scenario occurs, it may become a challenge for NDC API implementation in the future.