Airline Reservation System

Transform your travel business with our advanced Airline Reservation System. It is equipped with features such as an advanced CRM tool, product management, and seamless ticketing services.

  • Online booking of flights
  • Seat selection and assignment
  • Reservation management for airlines
  • Real-time flight schedule and availability
  • Integration with Global Distribution Systems (GDS)
  • Multiple language and currency support

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Advance Airline Ticketing Software

Simplifying the Airline Reservation Process

Etraviax is the leading Travel Technology Company that offers automated airline booking software. With the latest technology, airline ticket booking software provides end-to-end solutions for airlines and travel booking agencies. The Airline Reservation System is an online booking software that allows airlines and travel agencies to manage flight bookings efficiently. It provides real-time information on fares, seat availability, and onboard services. With its advanced technology, customers can easily book and change flights.

With the help of GDS integration, Etraviax’s Airline Reservation System is online booking software that gets information from different airlines.

Airline Reservation System

As an automated system, it provides information like real-time fares, seat availability, onboard services, etc., to travel agencies and passengers. Apart from ticket booking, the Airline booking system helps airlines in customer management. It offers support right from beginning to end.

Flight booking software is a web-based tool. It simplifies access to airline information. This information can be stored and displayed to customers.
It all takes place on one platform, allowing for online flight bookings. Originally designed to streamline airline operations, the ARS has expanded its reach to travel companies. The airline ticket booking system includes airfare, flight schedules, passenger booking details, and other information. Using its advanced distribution capability, airlines feed information to the GDS.

How Airline Reservation Systems Work

Passengers access information through indirect distribution channels. Travel agencies, for example, get access to Global Distribution Systems (GDS) where airlines store data, and customers retrieve information through standardized messaging. Keeping airline reservation software in-house can cost companies more money due to its complexity. GDS, operated by independent parties, has changed the situation. Airline inventory refers to seat availability across various categories like economy, business, and premium with different pricing and refund policies. Advanced distribution systems reduce inventory complexity. Inventory control manages ticket bookings for different classes, efficiently allocating seats and optimizing airline revenue.

Etraviax is a pioneering airline reservation system development company with tie-ups with global airlines, GDS, suppliers, and distributors. We also have advanced software for booking hotels, car rentals, tours, transfers, and vacations. We combine all of them on a single platform to ease the travel booking process for travel agents.

Etraviax’s airline ticket reservation system connects with major Global Distribution Systems (GDS). The flight booking API includes all central GDS Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport. The software allows travel agencies to make airline bookings efficiently through software. Our XML / API integration is the key to accessing data from GDS, making the booking process seamless and efficient.

Etraviax’s airline ticketing system includes airfare, flight timings, passenger records, and other journey details. Since introducing the airline reservation system, we have seen a boom in air ticket booking. Considering this, here are some benefits of airline ticket booking software.

Advantages of Online Airline Reservation System

The Airline Reservation System offers a range of booking features. These include booking for B2B/B2C travel, filters for domestic and international flights, 24/7 booking, and multi currency and multi lingual support. It also provides search and sorting options.

It also integrates third-party APIs, airline invoice booking, and distribution channel management. The system includes multiple payment gateways, instant booking confirmation, easy booking solutions, revenue reports, and user-friendly mobile interfaces. Other features include multi-city search, GDS API integration, and booking inventory management tools.


Airline Reservation System Features

GDS API Integration for Flight Booking

GDS stands for Global Distribution System. It is a web-based network that functions as a platform. It provides access to the data of airlines, hotels, car rentals, and other travel agents.

Etraviax provides GDS API integration to travel agents to book flights through an automated airline reservation system. Our team has put in continuous effort. We have designed and developed the GDS API integrated flight booking engine. It became possible for us through Saber, Amadeus and Travelport airline reservation systems.

GDS airline reservation System

Sabre GDS System

Sabre GDS system offers an excellent airline booking system for the travel industry. Sabre airline reservation system provides booking software for airlines, hotels, car rentals, sightseeing, and travel agents. This system helps airlines to serve their passengers better.

It is a cost-efficient distribution channel and encourages airlines to expand their reach globally. Here are some benefits that businesses get with Saber flight booking system.


Amadeus GDS System

Amadeus is a famous GDS Company, helping travel management companies to access web-based travel content. It includes data on airlines, hotels, car rental, transfers, sightseeing, cars and other travel agents. Amadeus GDS can manage endless transactions on a travel website and fulfil future needs.

Being a major GDS system, Amadeus is a leader in travel product distribution solutions for travel agencies.
It allows our client to choose from various web services, API solutions and value-added services.

Etraviax is a professional travel technology company that delivers customized B2B/B2C travel portal solutions. Amadeus’s airline reservation system fetches data from global airlines, LCCs, and travel suppliers. So, here are some benefits that the Amadeus flight reservation system offers.


Travelport GDS System

Travelport is a popular GDS software, offering the corporate and travel sector globally. Travelport has strong backing in the U.S., Europe, and Africa. It provides a single interface to access data from airlines, hotels, car rental, sightseeing, transfer, and other travel agents. It expanded the choice to choose from endless suppliers for travel agencies and all they get under one roof.

Etraviax is the top provider of Travelport GDS API integration. They offer cutting-edge distribution technology and payment solutions for the global travel industry. At Etraviax, our team ensures the best API integration for the Travelport hotel and airline reservation system. Here are some benefits that travel agencies get with Travelport GDS integration.


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