Expedia TAAP

Expedia TAAP is a specialized program offered by Expedia Group, designed for travel agents, that allow simple bookings of hotels, flights, travel packages, car rentals, and sightseeing options through Expedia's extensive services.

  • Real-Time Availability
  • Efficient Booking Management
  • Vast Inventory
  • Robust Reporting and Analytics
  • Dedicated Support

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Expedia TAAP: Transforming Travel Businesses

At Etraviax, we empower travel agents and help them grow their business through Expedia TAAP API integration.

Expedia TAAP (Travel Agent Affiliate Program) empowers travel agencies with an integrated booking solution, harnessing the extensive Expedia group-wide portfolio. This comprehensive offering encompasses Hotel Booking Software, Flight Booking Software, travel packages, car rentals, and sightseeing options.

Expedia started in 2002 to help travel agencies. For 15 years, their partner solution has provided technology, travel options, and support to agencies.

Over 30,000 travel agents from over 30 countries depend on the Expedia affiliate program. It offers online travel agencies flexibility to make, confirm and cancel a booking within seconds. It also allows making last-minute changes in a booking and sending a voucher. Expedia TAAP uses GDS to help travel agencies easily access global travel options and improve their booking abilities.

Expedia TAAP offers a comprehensive B2B Travel Solution, specializing in B2B Travel Portal Development. Improve your travel agency with our powerful platform for easy travel bookings and management.

Expedia TAAP

Features of Expedia TAAP

Equipped with remarkable features, Expedia TAAP helps travel agencies in growing their businesses. Here are some amazing features that the Expedia Affiliate Program offers

Wide-Inventory :- It offers travel agency software that has a reach to Expedia’s extensive inventory, including hotels, flight, car rental etc. Using Expedia TAAP, agents can offer customized travel packages to their customers.

Exclusive Offers:- Grabbing exclusive offers, discounts, and promotions from Expedia TAAP, travel agents can secure more customers.

Excellent Booking Management Tool:- Managing the online bookings is easy with Expedia TAAP. Travel agents can make, confirm and cancel a booking in seconds. They get time to focus on other core areas.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics Tools:- These tools offer travel agents a quick insight into booking trends, user behaviour and product performance. That insight helps travel agencies form effective strategies, recognizing opportunities and areas that require attention.

Real-time Customer Support:- Real-time assistance has become easy with Expedia TAAP. It allows travel agents to realize their full potential using informative resources like webinars, tutorials, and training materials.


Benefits of Expedia TAAP

Expedia TAAP offers endless benefits to travel agencies. Some of them are as follows.

Wide Inventory-: With access to Expedia’s wide inventory, offering customized packages has become possible. It allows real-time access to inventory, including hotels, flights, car rentals, travel packages etc.

Best Commissions-: This is what matters most for travel agents. Expedia Affiliate Program has good news for travel agents i.e., they can earn profitable commissions on every travel product they sell.

Global Recognition-: Connecting to Expedia allows travel agencies to expand their market reach to over 60 countries. It also improves their credibility and further helps in gaining customer confidence.

Guided Marketing-: Along with access to wide-inventory, Expedia TAAP offers access to marketing tools. They guide travel agencies in promotion and how to use templates, email campaigns, and social media content to grow their business.

Tailor-Made Services-: Expedia for travel agents allows them to customize a travel product according to the client’s need. Having control over pricing gives them a competitive edge in the industry.

Real-Time Inventory-: It allows travel agents to offer their clients updated information that is core for exceptional customer support.

Customer Satisfaction-: Expedia TAAP ensures a user-friendly booking experience. Imposing this affiliate program allows travel agencies to offer remarkable services to their clients.


Expedia Travel Agent Login

Expedia TAAP offers a travel agent login feature that allows travel agents to secure access to Expedia’s extensive inventory. It also offers them the freedom to decide prices and earn commissions. Here is the guided login process for Expedia TAAP:

Visit Expedia Website-: Search “ Expedia TAAP Login” in your browser. It will take you to the URL of the website.

Login Option-: On the main page, click on “Login” or “Travel Agent Login”. Look at it on the top.

Enter Login Credentials-: Enter your correct credentials to log in to the Expedia affiliate program account. It may include information like username and password.

If you are visiting for the first time, complete the registration process to get an account.

Expedia offers affiliate programs not only for travel agents but also for individuals and businesses who want to partner with Expedia. Here is how the Expedia Affiliate Program works


How Does the Expedia Affiliate Program Work?

Expedite TAAP follows a step-by-step process:

How to Apply for Expedia TAAP: Go to Expedia affiliate program site and complete all required information for application. This may include details about your website or marketing channels.

Use Affiliate Tools: Expedia’s tools like search widgets, banners, and text links for promotions and accessing resources after approval.

Promote through Expedia-: Expedia TAAP tools help travel agents receive bookings directly on their website using banners and search widgets.

Earn Commissions-: Every time a customer makes a booking through Expedia affiliate links, travel agents earn commissions. The rate of commissions may differ according to the travel products.

Performance Analysis-: It offers tools to analyse the performance of Expedia affiliate links and advertising materials. You can get control over travel bookings and commissions.

Payment Policy-: Expedia pays commission daily. Expedia may update the payment cycle and mode of payment.


Why Choose Expedia API Integration?

Expedia API integration for hotels and flights offers the following features that make it the need of the hour.

What is Expedia Partner Central?

Expedia Partner Central is a tool that helps hoteliers have control over listings across Expedia groups. It is not limited to Expedia extranet, but also includes Hotels.com, Vrbo, Travelocity, Hotwire.com, Orbitz, Ebookers, Wotif and travel metasearch booking engines like Trivago.

Expedia TAAP is a platform that combines the Flight Booking API and Hotel Booking API. It helps travel agencies book flights and hotels faster and easier. By using Expedia TAAP, travel agencies can offer their customers a complete travel solution.

With Expedia’s partner central tool, hotels get a channel to manage their reach across Expedia booking channels. It gives them the freedom to optimize their performance and increase visibility.

Expedia Group is one of the leading platforms for online travel bookings. It has a network of over 200 websites and attracts over 100 million visitors per month. That makes Expedia Partner Central the first choice of hoteliers. It is a user-friendly tool and helps even new hoteliers manage their listings.

How to log in to Expedia Extranet

Create an account on Expedia Partner Central by following the below steps:

Step 1:- Visit homepage and click on “List your property”. Enter all the details.

Step 2:- Verify your email to set up an account. Go through the terms and conditions and provide information regarding legal regulations that apply to your area.

Step 3:- Create your listing, where you enter the information related to property and services that a customer can search for.

Step 4:- Once you have done the listing, it is time to go live and receive bookings.

Step 5:- Now, you are ready to log into Expedia Partner Central and manage your listings.